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The Creel Family is on a journey.  After weeks of praying and crying we decided last year to leave the home we loved in Bethlehem to accept a new calling.  I left Israel and flew to America in March.  Kelli and the kids followed in late May.  Her flight was delayed by almost two weeks by fighting between Israel and Hamas.  And after a summer of travel and fundraising we landed, for this past school year, in Fairhope, Alabama.    

But we never stopped journeying.  In the last year we’ve put 50,000 miles on our car.  I’ve been to Greece five times and Zambia once and in America I’ve been from Key West, to California, to New York and a lot of places in between.  

But we’re not traveling for travel’s sake.  We’re on this journey because millions of other people are also moving.  People from war-torn countries like Afghanistan and Syria, Iran, and Iraq are leaving their homes seeking safety and hope.  We believe, in accordance with Acts 17:26-27, that God is moving these people so that they will hear His Word and I believe with all my heart that God is moving us so that we can deliver it.  

We would like to invite you to follow us on our journey!  We’re leaving America in the first week of June.  We will spend two weeks in Greece and then on June 18 we’re starting a very special personal journey.  In order to prepare spiritually and emotionally for a new ministry, to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary, to have one last adventure together before Andrew leaves us for college, and to raise awareness regarding our ministry and the plight of refugees.  We ourselves are going to walk 500 miles from the French border to the Atlantic Coast of Spain.  


The route we are following is an ancient pilgrimage route walked by millions of Christians going back to the 800’s AD known as the Camino de Santiago.  Every day along the route I will be sharing with my family a devotion regarding journeys in the Bible.  Then in the afternoon I will share the same devotion live on the “Land and The Bible” Youtube channel as well as on our other social media accounts.  I can’t wait to share the forty devotionals I’ve prepared.  


If you want to follow along with our journey through Spain and beyond go to

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If you would like to partner with us to help us fulfill our calling to win Muslims to Christ please go to, click donate, and select Jamison Creel Family.  Everything helps! 

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